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В прессе обсуждается проблема безработицы среди молодежи. В evening standard нашла интересную статью, отличное эссе для ielts. Написал профессор. Сохраню на помять, такие выражения...ух...

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Наиболее часто встречающиеся топики Part2 IELTS exam  в 2009 году

Set A

 1.       Describe an intelligent person you know

2.       Describe a book you recently read that you would like to read again

3.       Describe a small shop that you often go to

4        Describe an important plan for the future (such as your career or study plans)

5.       Describe a person who won a competition

6.       Describe a family photo that you like

7.       Describe a place where you would like to live abroad

8.       Describe a special gift you gave to someone

9.       Describe a car or some other vehicle that you would like to have in the future

10.    Describe a useful skill you recently learned (e.g. driving or cooking etc.)

11.    Describe a group activity you successfully took part in (e.g. at school, university or work)

12.    Describe a restaurant you like to go to

13.    Describe a family friend who you remember from your childhood

14.    Describe your idea of the perfect climate (for e.g. rainy, dry)

15.    Describe the last piece of work you did/finished very quickly


Set B

1.       Describe a place near water which you have visited

2.       Describe a time when someone helped you in an important way

3.       Describe a happy event in your childhood

4.       Describe a leisure activity you would like to start doing

5.       Describe a journey or trip that didn't go as well as you had planned

6.       Describe a recent happy event in your life

7.       Describe an article you recently read in a newspaper or magazine

8.       Describe an electronic machine or device you would like to buy       

9.       Describe an important conversation you had in the past

10.     Describe a party you would like to arrange for your friends or family

11.    Describe a film you enjoyed watching at home or in the cinema

12.    Describe a picnic or meal that you ate outdoors

13.    Describe an exciting sport you know about

14.    Describe a science lesson that you had in school or university (such as biology, chemistry or physics)

15.    Describe a job you think you would be good at


Set C

1.       Describe an interesting historical site in your country that you visited

2.       Describe a library (For example, a public library, school or university library)

3.       Describe your favorite part of your hometown

4.       Describe the person in your family who you spend the most time with

5.       Describe a time when you had to wait in a traffic jam

6.       Describe a course you would like to take if you have time

7.       Describe a change you would like to make to your life in the future

8.       Describe a game you enjoyed when you were a child (Not a sport)
9.  Describe an activity that you enjoyed doing the most when you were a child
10.  Describe a toy that was important to you in your childhood
11.  Describe a piece of good news you received by phone
12.  Describe an interesting speech that you heard
13.  Describe something you do that is good for health
14. Describe a TV or radio program that you like to talk about with your friends or family.
15. Describe a song or piece of music you remember from your childhood
16.  Describe an advertisement that made you buy something
17. Describe an interesting story you saw on TV

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начало тут (http://avacha1.livejournal.com/26365.html)



1.       Do you like travelling?

2.       What was the last place you traveled to?

3.       How often do you return to your hometown?

4.       Which country would you like to travel to (in the future)?

5.       What places in China are (or, would be) attractive for foreigners to travel to?

6.       Why do you think traveling is so popular nowadays?


15.              Going Out  


1.       Do you often go out with friends?

2.       What do you do when you go out?

3.       Do you prefer to go out with just a few friends or with a large group of friends? 

4.       When was the last time you went out with your friends (or, a friend)?


16.              Gift


1.       What kinds of presents do you usually give to other people?

2.       What was the last gift you received?

3.       What was the last gift you gave someone?

4.       Do you like giving presents to other people? (Why?/Why not?)

5.       Do you think it's easy to choose what to give other people?

6.       Do you think it's important to give expensive gifts?

7.       Have you ever given someone a gift you made yourself?

8.       When do people in China give gifts? (On what occasions?/In what situations?)

9.       In China, is it necessary to bring a gift when you visit someone?


17.              Sports 


1.       Do you like to do sports? What sports?

2.       What kind of physical exercise do you do to keep fit?

3.       Are there any sport facilities near where you live?


4.       What sports are popular in your country?

5.       In the future, what sports would you like to learn/play?


18.               Shopping


1.       Do you like shopping? (Why?/Why not?)

2.       Is there anything you don't like about shopping?

3.       Do you often go shopping?

4.       Do you prefer shopping alone or with others?

5.       Who do you (usually) go shopping with?

6.       What do you usually buy when you go shopping?

7.       What time of the day do you prefer to go shopping?

8.       Do you like to go window-shopping? (Why?/Why not?)

9.       When was the last time you went shopping?

10.    Where do you like to shop?

11.    What type(s) of shop do you prefer to go to? (Why?)

12.    Do you prefer shopping in small shops or big supermarkets and department stores?


19.                                     Evenings   


1.       What do you (like to) do in the evenings?

2.       Do you do the same things every night?

3.       Is there much (or, any) difference between what you do in the evenings and in the daytime?

4.       Do you prefer to go out with a large group of friends or just a few friends?

5.       What sorts of nighttime activities are available in your hometown?


20.                                     Letter / Emails


Your Letter-writing or Email-writing Habits

1.        Do you often write letters or emails?

2.        How often do you write letters or emails?)

3.        Who do you usually write to and what do you write about?

4.        How do you feel when you receive letters or emails?

5.        What kinds of emails (or letters) do you most like receiving? (Why?) (= What kinds of emails/letters make you happy?)




1.        Do you often write (or, send) emails?

2.        Do you think emails are useful?

3.        (Similar to above) What role do emails (or letters) play in your life? ( = Why do you write these emails or letters?)

4.        What kinds of emails do you send and receive? (Business emails? Personal emails?)

5.        (Similar to above) Who do you send emails to?

6.        Do you think it is a good thing that some companies send out letters/spam emails for the purpose of advertising? 




1.        How often do you write letters?

2.        On what occasions do you write letters?

3.        Do you like writing letters to your relatives and friends? (Why?/Why not?)

4.        Do you and your friends keep in touch by (handwritten) letter?

5.        How do you keep in touch with (= keep in contact with) your friends and relatives? (... by email, letter, by phone or some other way?)


Different Kinds of Letters (and Emails)


1.       What (do you think) is the most difficult kind of letter (or email) to write? (Why?)

2.       In what situations do you write to (or email) a friend?


Phone versus Email


1.        Do you usually write letters to people or do you usually use a cell-phone or email?

2.        Which do you prefer, to make a phone call or write an email? (Why?)

3.        (Similar to above) How do you prefer to contact people, by email or by phone? (Why?)


Emails versus (handwritten) letters


1.       Do you prefer to write letters or emails? (Why?)

2.       (Similar to above) Compare emails and (handwritten) letters.

3.       (Similar to above) What are the differences between handwritten letters and emails?


21.                                     Television


1.       Do you often watch television?

2.       How much time do you spend watching television?

3.       What types of programs do you like to watch?

4.       When you were a child, did you watch more or less TV than you do now?

5.       Do you ever watch programs from other countries?

6.       Do you think watching TV can help students in their studies?


22.  Transport


1.       What forms of transportation do you have where you live (in your hometown)?

2.       What’s the transportation like where you live?

3.       Do you know how to drive a car? If not, would you like to learn?

4.       Do you have a driver's license? Do you plan to get a driver’s license?

5.       Do you think it’s useful to learn driving?

6.       Do you think all young people should learn how to drive? (Why/why not?)

7.       What do you think is the most suitable age for a young person to get a driver’s license?

8.       Do or did you have driving classes at high school?


23.  Advertisement


1.       Do you like advertisements?

2.       What kind of advertisement do you like the most?

3.       Do advertisements (ever) influence your choice about what to buy?

4.       Where can we (or, what are the various places where we can) see advertisements?

5.       Do you prefer ads on TV or those in magazines?

6.       What do you think is the purpose of advertisements/advertising?

7.       Are there many advertisements in your country?

8.       How do you feel about advertisements?


24.  Fruits / Vegetables


1.       Do you like to eat fruits and vegetables?

2.       How often do you eat fruits and vegetables?

3.       What’s your favorite fruit/vegetable? Why do you like it?

4.       What are the benefits of eating fresh fruits?

5.       Is it easy to buy fruits and vegetables where you live?

6.        Is there much difference between the fruits and vegetables that people eat today and what they used to eat in the past?


25.  Painting / Drawing


1.       Do you know how to paint or draw?

2.       Have you taken a class in drawing or painting before?

3.       Did you learn to draw or paint when you were a child?

4.       Have you kept any of your drawings or paintings from when you were a child?

5.       Do you think children should learn drawing?

6.       Why do you think people like to have a painting or other artwork in their homes?


26.  Friends


1.       How often do you meet with your friends?

2.       What do you do with your friends?

3.       Are most of your friends from school or outside school?

4.       Do you prefer to meet your friends at home or away from your home?

5.       (Similar to above) Do you prefer your friends visit you or do you prefer to visit them?

6.       Do you like making friends with people?

7.       Do you think friendship is important?


27.                                     Reading


1.       Do you like reading?

2.       Did you like reading when you were young?

3.       What sorts of books do you like to read?

4.       What’s the most recent book you’ve read?

5.       What are the differences between what you read, compared to when you were a child?


28.                                     Computer


1.       When did you start using computers?

2.       What do you use computers for?

3.       Do you play computer games?

4.       How often do you play computer games?

5.       What do you do when your computer has problems?


29.                                     Flowers


1.       Do you like flowers?

2.       Do you think flowers are important?

3.       On what occasions are flowers important?


4.       Do you ever give flowers to other people? (If yes, who and why?)

5.       Where do you buy flowers?

6.       Do you grow flowers at home?

7.       Have you ever grown flowers at home?


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Part 1 Frequently Asked Topics

 взято тут:  http://bbs.51ielts.com/home/space.php?uid=635632&do=blog&id=103604


 l  One topic among Topics 1 to 4 will definitely be chosen as the first question in Part 1 of the IELTS Speaking Test. You will be asked 4 questions on this topic.

 l  Then, the examiner will pick 2 more topics (4 questions per topic) to ask you.

 l  Therefore, you should expect to be asked anything between 8 to 12 questions in Part 1 IELTS Speaking Test.

 1.                  Your Studies


1.       Where do you study (= what school/university do you attend)?  

2.       What is your major /subject are you studying?

3.       Why did you choose to study that?

4.       Do you like your major/course?

5.       What's your favourite course/class/subject at (university/school)?

6.       What study tools or equipment do you use in school? 

7.       What facilities are there at your school to help you in your studies?

8.       Do you prefer studying alone or with others (or, in a group)? (Why?)

9.       What’s the most interesting part of your studies?


2.                  Your Work

1.       What job (or, what work) do you do?

2.       How long have you been working? (Or: How long have you been doing this job?)

3.       What does your company do?

4.       What do you do in a typical day at work? 

5.       (Similar to above) What are your responsibilities at work?  

6.       Do you like your job (or, your work)? 

7.       What's the most difficult part of your job?

8.       Would you recommend this job to other people? (Answer using 'would', not 'will'.)

9.       Would you like to change your job?

10.    Do you need to work with (= co-operate with) other people at work? (teamwork question)

11.     (Similar to above) Do you prefer working alone or with others (or, in a group)?

12.    How (well) do you get along with your colleagues? 

13.    Do you do anything with your colleagues after work? 

14.    What tools or equipment do you use in your work? (Include information about how useful it is/they are.)

15.    Is it/are they very helpful to you?

16.    Do you use computers in your work?

17.    What do you use them for?  

18.    What are your work plans for the future? 

19.    Are you planning to change your job?


3.                  Your Home (Your Accommodation) 


1.       Do you live in a house or a flat? 

2.       How long have you lived there? 

3.       Please describe it a little.

4.       Who do you live with? (Or: Do other people live with you?)

5.       How are the rooms in your house decorated? (Or, How is your house decorated? Or, What decorations do you have in your house?)

6.       What's your favourite room in your home? (Or: What part of your home do you like best?) (Why?)

7.       What decorations does this room have? (Or: How have you decorated this room?)

8.       How do you think this room could be improved?

9.       (The question above is possibly this:) How do you think your home could be improved? Or: Is there anything about your room (or, your home) you would like to improve?

10.    Is there anything on the walls of your home (or, your room/this room)?

11.    What can you see when you look out the window of your room (or, the windows of your home)?


4.                  Your Hometown


1.       Where do you come from? Where do you live at the moment?

2.       What kind of place is your hometown? 

3.       Tell me something about your hometown. 

4.       Has your hometown changed much in the past few years? (e.g.10 years)

5.       What’s the traffic situation like in your hometown?

6.       What's your favourite part of your hometown? 

7.       What facilities does your hometown have?

8.       What’s the most interesting thing about your hometown?

9.       What’s the weather like in your hometown?

10.    What kind of buildings are there in your hometown?


5.                  News 


1.       How do you usually get your news? 

2.       What types of news do you like?

3.       Do you (often/ever) read newspapers? 

4.       Do you think newspapers are important? 

5.       Besides newspapers, what are some other ways people get news? 

6.       Who is more interested in reading newspapers, older people or younger people? (Why?)  


6.                  Parties


1.       Do you like (to go to) parties? (Why?/Why not?)

2.       Is there anything you dislike about parties?

3.       When you go to a party, what do you usually do? 

4.       Who do you think enjoys parties more, old(er) people or young people?

5.       In China, do old(er) people and young people do the same sorts of things when they get together on social occasions? 

6.       What do you think are the benefits of parties?


7.                  Visitors to Your Home

1.       Do you often invite friends to visit your home?

2.       Do you like visitors coming to your home? 

3.       When do visitors come to your home?

4.       When someone visits you, how do you usually show hospitality (or, entertain them)?

5.       When people are coming to visit you, what preparations do you make?

6.       Do you like to visit other people?


8.                  Swimming

1.       Can you swim? Do you like swimming?

2.       Did you learn to swim when you were a child? Who taught you to swim?

3.       Where do people go swimming in your hometown (or, near your home)?

4.       Is swimming very popular in China?

5.       Why do many people like swimming?

6.       What do you think are the benefits of swimming (or, the benefits of knowing how to swim)?


9.                  Holidays


1.       What do you usually do in your holidays?

2.       How do people in China spend their holidays? 

3.       What did you do in your last holidays?

4.       Is there anything you dislike doing during holidays?

5.       Do you think it's important for people to have holidays? 

6.       Do you think people in China need more holidays (vacation time)?


10.              Bicycles


1.       Do you like riding a bicycle?

2.       Did you learn to ride a bicycle when you were a child?

3.       Why do children enjoy riding bicycles?

4.       Are bicycles common in China? 

5.       What are the reasons why people ride bicycles?

6.       What are the advantages (or, benefits) of riding a bicycle?

7.       Would you say it's safe to ride a bicycle in the city (or, in China)?

8.       Has the number of bicycle riders in China changed much in the past few years? 

9.       Do you think the number of people using bicycles (in your hometown/country) will change in the future?


11.              Writing & Handwriting 


1.       At school/work, do you often write things?

2.       What do you usually write?

3.       Do you prefer to write by hand or write using the computer?

4.       Do you think computers might one day replace handwriting?

5.       When do children begin to write in your country?  

6.       How can children today improve (or, practice) their handwriting?

7.       Do you writing is important?


12.              Cooking


1.       Who usually does the cooking in your family (or, in your home)?

2.       What's your favourite food? 

3.       Do you know how to cook? Did you learn how to cook when you were a child?

4.       What do you (like to) cook?

5.       Have you ever thought about learning how to cook? 

6.       Do you think it would be useful to teach cooking in school?

7.       Do you usually eat at home or eat out?


13.              Daily Routine


1.       What do you do in a typical day (at work or at school/university)?

2.       What time do you usually get up?

3.       What do you usually do after you get up (or, in the morning)?

4.       What's your favourite time of (or, part of) the day?

5.       What do you usually do at that time? (Or: What are you usually doing at that time?)

6.       (Similar to above) Has your life recently changed in any way?

7.       If you could change one thing about your daily routine, what would it be? 




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